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Our Social Services Coordinator works with agencies within the Atlantic County area to coordinate in-kind services and activities for the residents. Residents that qualify can receive weekly bread and produce distribution. Residents can stop by the Social Services Coordinator’s office to receive assistance with forms and applications for programs such as SNAP recertification, Verizon life line program, Comcast Internet Essentials program, Green Card Replacement, Social Security Card replacement, and Unemployment Benefits. Weekly well checks are also offered for residents.
Applications accepted from all persons 62 years and older who meet income limits established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. A family’s anticipated gross income determines not only
eligibility for assistance, but also determines the rent a
family will pay and the subsidy required. The
anticipated income, subject to exclusions and deductions
the family will receive during the next twelve (12)
months, is used to determine the family’s rent.

The rent a family will pay is the highest of the
following amounts:
   • 30% of the family’s monthly adjusted income
   • 10% of the family’s monthly income
   • Welfare rent or welfare payment from agency
       to assist family in paying housing costs.
   • $25.00 Minimum Rent
For more information please read this document from HUD.